Retail Vending

Retail Vending Kiosk

Reduce transaction costs and increase efficiency

KIOSK's StoreBOT™ Automated Retail Vending platform provides a highly secure and cost-effective delivery system. In-store, it serves to increase sales revenue while reducing shrink.  In alternate locations, StoreBOT serves as a cost-effective unattended storefront.  Unique technology supports the following features:

Secure, Real-time Inventory Automation:

  • Robotic bar code scanning mechanism provides on-demand intelligent remote reporting of physical inventory (hands-free efficiency / accuracy).
  • Automated restocking feature triggers order notices on minimum thresholds, eliminating missed sales opportunity costs.
  • Robust locking systems and optional biometric identification of stocking associates eliminate both consumer shrink and employee theft opportunity.

Fully Automated Sales Experience:

  • Customized user interface, presented on 22" touchscreen LCD.
  • Simple guided selling and product selection application (multi-lingual options).
  • Flexible payment methods including credit, debit, and cash. Options for chip and pin and change recycling available.
  • Secure, encrypted transactions.
  • Full-feature Remote Monitoring for real-time network management capability.

Flexible Footprint:

  • Deployers can scale up the modular platform for large, in-aisle solutions with high density slots (200-600).  OR - opt for a smaller, free-standing solution (as appropriate to the product mix).

Additional KIOSK revenue generating application options include Loyalty / Membership Enrollment, and Targeted Promotion Messaging.

StoreBOT Video
StoreBOT Video
Vending Software

Vending Kiosk Software

The Automated Retail platform includes a sophisticated software set used to provide an enhanced customer experience and to optimize backend efficiency.

Engaging Sales Interface

A customized consumer user interface provides extensive guided selling and product selection information. Rich product information facilitates independent purchasing decisions, while up-sell prompts can increase average order size.  The sales application provides consumers with brand selection that rivals an online ordering experience with immediate delivery from the kiosk.

Layered Application Functionality - Revenue enhancing applications are available from day one, or can be added incrementally to the deployment.

  • Loyalty / Membership Sign-up - Customer loyalty enrollment for long-term promotion communications.
  • Advertising & Coupon Delivery - Ad content and optional mobile / printed coupons can substantially boost sales.
  • Remote Monitoring and Wireless Communications - Remote monitoring is a standard tool enabling full visibility and management of networked equipment. Options for USB cellular and / or local network communications. 
Rental Kiosks

Rental Kiosks

KIOSK has extensive experience in customized rental system design, most notably for BCycle bike sharing and Bissell Green Machine rentals. Our Solutions Group has assembled a complete library of controller board and application code assets that can be customized to individual client needs. This provides a menu-driven, modular approach to rental feature inclusion. Using existing common solution assets enables clients to substantially reduce development costs and timelines.

Key features of KIOSK’s Rental Solution portfolio include:

  • Customized user interface (kiosk, mobile application, or both)
  • Hardware controls for rental asset access related kiosk components:
    • Payment transaction components
    • User authentication scanning components (simple barcode / QR code, or biometric)
    • RFID sensors for intelligent, real-time tracking of rental assets (check-out, return, location)
    • RFID card-based rental release access (member application option)
    • Proprietary controller board releases multiple rental bays (reduces hardware and service costs)
  • Back-end integration to retailer's POS / reporting systems

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BCycle Bike Rental Video
BCycle Bike Rental Video
StoreBOT Video
StoreBOT Video
BCycle Bike Sharing Video
BCycle Bike Sharing Video